Music Minister

Oversee music that underscores the Pastor's Sunday message.

What does a Music Minister do?

A Music Minister is like an assistant to the Pastor. But instead of helping with sermons, you provide a church with musical inspiration, guidance, and leadership. To do this, you work with the church’s musical groups, and take charge of the audio-visual elements of church service.

Since church music now encompasses far more than pipe organs and choirs, you must know as a Music Minister- musical styles that range from Bach to Creed. You must also have a basic understanding of the church’s operation. And as one of the leaders of the congregation, as the Music Minister, you are at the forefront of the church, so it is necessary to possess an outstanding character.

Besides rocking out at the pulpit, you do a fair amount of teaching, both within the congregation and among designated groups. You also assist with matters pertaining to worship services and special events, attend church committee meetings, and help the Pastor with general office duties.

If you have a passion for music, God, and working with members of your church and community, then being a Musical Minister might be your calling.