Music Librarian

Manage and maintain a library or institution's music collection.

What does a Music Librarian do?

A music library may contain acres and acres of records, CDs, tapes, and 8-tracks of recorded music. It may also hold towers of papers, all containing musical notes. Large collections can quickly become unmanageable, resulting in priceless treasures that are lost for decades. As a Music Librarian, you organize a music library, making sure items are easy to track, find, and put back.

Choirs and orchestras make up a large part of your Music Librarian client base, as these organizations often record their performances and purchase large amounts of sheet music. The Conductor visits you, the Music Librarian, and provides a list of pieces the orchestra or choir will play.

Armed with that list, you check your collection to see if you own the music. If you do not, you order it. When the performance is complete, you mark the date and location of the recording on the cover, and file it away.

Colleges and universities may also hire you to manage their collections. Much of your workday here is spent on crowd control. Some items can leave the library for private study, as long as you confirm that the student is attending your school.

However, other items are simply too precious to loan out. You allow people to look at or listen to these items, but you stand nearby and make sure they don’t walk away with the precious things.

Radio stations may hire you to manage their collections of recorded music as well. In this job, you retrieve recordings for the Disc Jockeys, and put the recordings back at the end of the show.