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Music Lawyer



Negotiate contracts for Singers and bands.

What does a Music Lawyer do?

As a Music Lawyer, you protect the business interests of Composers, Recording Artists, and bands. Falling within the broader category of Attorney, the Music Lawyer handles mostly contract negotiations. Working closely with Record Producer, Concert Promoters, and Recording Artists, the Music Lawyer gets the deal done!

Also known as an Entertainment Lawyer, you have great knowledge of the music industry and the companies that produce records. Using your negotiation skills, you may help a band sign its first record deal or negotiate its percentage of sales. A background in music, communication, negotiation, and public speaking are essential as a Music Lawyer.

Your daily activities vary from day to day. For instance, you may hammer out the details of a new Artist’s contract one day, and manage the distribution rights the next. You never know what to expect. One thing’s constant, though: You always work to protect your clients’ interests.

English, economics, history, and philosophy courses provide the necessary foundation for a career as a Music Lawyer. Communicating effectively with all types of audiences is vital to your job performance. For example, when negotiating a contract for merchandise distribution (t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc.), you speak with the manufacturer of the products, then the reseller, and eventually the management company. Each of these interactions requires a different level of detail and expertise, all of which you must master.

If you have a passion for music, an interest in the legal field, and a love for debating, this may be the perfect position for you. And when the dotted lines are signed, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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