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Music Journalist

Keep readers up to date about new Artists, albums, and bands.

What does a Music Journalist do?

A Music Journalist’s job is to write and report on all things “music.” Because music’s meant to be heard — not read — that’s a difficult job.

For instance, how do you explain the sound of a symphony swelling? What’s the right word for illustrating a drumbeat? How do you convey the emotions felt when someone sings a beautiful song? It’s not easy, but fortunately, Music Journalists are up to the challenge.

As a Music Journalist, you’re employed by magazines, newspapers, television programs, and websites, and you’re a Writer or Broadcaster who specializes in music and Musicians. Like a Music Critic, you may write reviews in which you offer opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of recorded and live music, including singles, albums, and concerts.

More ” Journalist ” than ” Critic, ” however, you also take on the task of reporting music industry news. For instance, you might interview Musicians, produce features about music trends, or write news articles about record labels and digital retailers. In other words, a Music Critic is interested purely in the art of music. You’re interested in that, as well as the people, history, and business of music.

Although you love music — and may even fancy yourself a Musician — your job doesn’t require you to know how to read, play, or perform music. It just requires you to write about it. Therefore, like a Journalist who covers any other subject — current events, maybe, politics, business, or even food — your main responsibilities are to gather, write, and report facts. (Unless you cover classical music, it also helps if you can bust a move!)