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Music Industry Business Manager

Handle the business for Musicians so they can focus on the music.

What does a Music Industry Business Manager do?

A Music Industry Business Manager deals in the day-to-day development and promotion of bands or individual Musicians. While a solo Recording Artist or small band might have a lead member who takes on the role of Business Manager, as talent and popularity grows, it becomes difficult for any one person to write, practice and perform music as well as balance the many business aspects of the group. That’s where you, the Music Industry Business Manager, come in.

You step in to take care of the money and marketing side of things as the Music Industry Business Manager. Like most managerial jobs, this position requires the juggling of many skills. You counsel Artists on financial decisions, make travel arrangements, book recording studio and venue slots, oversee advertising campaigns, and handle all the financial affairs including contract negotiations, investments, and tax laws.

As you launch the band into superstardom, your job might require more hands. For example, one person might take over the on-the-road side of the business and another handle the marketing efforts, while you maintain the financial obligations.

Although you wear many hats, your main talent is connecting the Musician to the music industry. Artists and business executives often have languages all their own; you need to speak both fluently. Who are the upcoming Artists in the genre? What Talent Agents have made a name for themselves? How much should the band get paid for a concert? It’s your job to know the answers to these questions, listen to the band’s wishes, and then negotiate the most profitable contracts with business owners and recording studios.