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Music Contractor

Connect Musicians with Show Producers who need their services.

What does a Music Contractor do?

A Music Contractor is a mix between Union Representative and Matchmaker. Your clients on one side are Musicians; on the other, Producers of commercials, films, Broadway shows and television episodes. As the Music Contractor you link the two sides in perfect harmony, matching Musicians to show openings based on their skills and personalities.

Your position as a Music Contractor requires a passion for all varieties of music and a black book of contacts in the music industry. When the phone rings requesting an Artist, your mind will click a mental checklist of Musicians. But you’ll need to know more than what instrument each plays; you also need to know logistical details, like if they are on tour, if they refuse to work on Saturdays, or if they insist on all jobs being centrally located. Oh, and their contact information, of course.

To ensure a good match, you interview the hiring Conductor, Composer, or Director to evaluate their exact needs. You ask many questions. Do they need a soft player, someone who excels in classical style, a player who will blend with a certain sound? Sometimes you will be asked to deliver a peculiar talent such as a bagpipe player or someone who plays both the harmonica and the piccolo. Since the union represents these Musicians, they are difficult to fire if they don’t fit the bill. You need to get it right the first time.

After you place a Musician, you stick around to help smooth the union. This includes reserving the recording studio, keeping track of studio hours, and acting as a liaison between the Musicians and the unions to insure proper pay and working conditions.