Music Club Owner

Run a club where music acts perform for dancing audiences.

What does a Music Club Owner do?

As a Music Club Owner, you’re the person most responsible for the success of your entertainment establishment. You ensure this success by having the organizational skills required to run a business as a Music Club Owner and by being sensitive to the musical preferences of your patrons, and knowing what it takes to pack a room.

Think of a music club as a ship. You’re the Captain as the Music Club Owner, by making sure your ship is in good working condition, and that the entire crew is doing their job. You know exactly how it’s run, and what goes on in every nook and cranny.

You oversee everything, from booking and promoting musical acts to fixing broken toilets. You keep tabs on your bar inventory, maintain a liquor license, ensure that equipment is working properly, organize club security, and see to it that the venue is properly maintained.

This is a lot to handle for one person, so you hire employees to help you out. For example, you have your Music Club Manager, who is usually in charge of customer relations, among other things. However, you have the final say in all business decisions. And it is always your responsibility to see to it that your club is properly financed and insured. This keeps your ship afloat, so to speak.

Running your own business means a lot of hard work and countless hours spent in the office, taking care of the day-to-day operations of your company. But if your office is a music club, and its day-to-day operations involve booking your favorite bands, listening to great music, and mingling with fellow music lovers, how can you complain? Who knows? You could be the next Steve Rubell of Studio 54 or Tony Wilson of the Hacienda Club.