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Music Business Consultant

Help clients navigate the tricky waters of the music industry.

What does a Music Business Consultant do?

Being in the music industry can be a confusing thing as there are lots of big decisions that need to be made (When do you hire an Manager? How do you send out press releases without a PR Rep? How do you make money if you’re touring out of the back of your VW bus?) and that’s where you step in. The job of a Music Business Consultant is to give advice on any part of the music industry where someone has a question. This means as a Music Business Consultant, you might be working with an Recording Artist or you might just as easily be working with an independent record label, Publicist or Songwriter.

To do your job as a Music Business Consultant really well you’re going to need some experience in pretty much all areas of the field. Spend some time as a Musician, do some managing, help in promotions; any variety of jobs that will give you a good idea about what different parts of the industry look like and what the best advice is for someone looking to break into it.

This type of ground up experience will help when you meet clients-you never know what you’ll be asked and, as you are selling knowledge about the industry, you should be prepared to field any question. Your hope is teach them enough to be able to make a future plan for their art.