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Music Agent

Find concert bookings and close record deals for Musicians.

What does a Music Agent do?

A Music Agent is a Talent Agent who works specifically with bands and Singers. You book concerts and tours for your clients, working with Music Promoters and Club Owners to make sure things run smoothly and your band gets the best pay rate.

Most bands have a Music Agent because it’s easier for them to concentrate on creating music if someone else makes connections and book shows. And that’s your specialty as a Music Agent-you know everyone and anyone who puts on concerts and keep a good repertoire with them, making it easy to get your band stage time. These connections are extremely valuable: Without concerts bands can’t find new fans or sell tickets and merchandise, which means they don’t make money, which turns them into has-beens faster than you can say Vanilla Ice.

Not only do you book the concerts, but you also help write contracts, working closely with the band to get their needs met. You make sure basic things happen, like that Promoters schedule time for sound checks and Club Owners don’t take your band’s pay. Sometimes you might also field stranger requests, like making sure there are only green M&M’s in the dressing room.

Agents become close with the bands they work with, and help shape a plan for their future. This might mean working with their record company to design promotion for a new CD, helping arrange tour dates or choosing t-shirt designs. Whatever the specific tasks, though, you’ll work with a lot of different people, and sometimes lots of different egos, so good communication and negotiation skills are going to be key.