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Paint massive pictures on walls and other large surfaces.

What does a Muralist do?

A muralist creates large-scale depictions of a scene or idea. These works are generally larger-than-life, and many times you use walls and building sides as your canvases. Because size is a defining aspect of your profession, it may be harder to find organizations that need your services on a daily basis. As a result you tend to work as a freelancer.

To do work as a muralist, you must be able to scale up your artistic ability and vision. You first sketch out your ideas, then figure out how to expand your vision. The use of computer design in this scaling is becoming popular. Then you paint! And even though you sketched out your design, this is no paint by numbers. You’re an artist so will be touching up and redesigning the work all the way to the end.

Muralists work in a wonderfully rich historical tradition. However you’re also working in a field that is not tremendously large in our present day. So if business is slow, consider balancing working on murals with other tasks that leverage your talents as a large scale artist and designer. Helping with the decoration and design in hotels or restaurants, or working with city governments in urban beautification may be a couple of possibilities. This is still large-scale art, but you’re just using other materials besides paint to create it.

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