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Municipal Maintenance Worker

Perform duties to maintain and repair properties of municipality.

What does a Municipal Maintenance Worker do?

Performs any combination of following duties to maintain and repair property of municipality, using variety of machines, tools, and equipment: Receives written work orders or verbal instructions from municipal administrator. Cuts grass and trims weeds on town property and parks, using lawn mower and weed trimmer. Digs flower beds and plants flowers, using gardening tools. Constructs decorative flower garden borders from wood, using handtools. Cleans buildings, washes windows, and empties trash cans, using brooms, cleaning supplies, and floor buffer. Paints interior and exterior walls and trim, using paint and painting tools. Operates backhoe to dig trenches for water and sewer pipe. Drives truck and loads fallen tree limbs and roadside trash onto truck, and delivers refuse to landfill. Repairs streets and sidewalks with asphalt, cold patching materials, and concrete, using shovel, hand roller, trowel, level, and long-handled tamp. Removes and replaces damaged parking meters and traffic signs. Operates snow removal equipment to maintain streets, sidewalks, and driveways. Reads water meters and records reading in logbook. Maintains and repairs municipal buildings’ plumbing and electrical systems, including replacing worn or defective parts, such as switches and fuses. Repairs or replaces building brick, stone, and concrete. Maintains and repairs wood parts of buildings, using carpenter tools. Replaces worn or damaged parts, such as hoses, wiring, and belts, in machines and equipment, such as truck, street sweeper, and riding mower. Hand washes vehicles.