Municipal Engineer

Oversee public construction and maintenance projects for a municipality.

What does a Municipal Engineer do?

Engineers solve problems. It’s what they’re trained to do. And as a Municipal Engineer, you’re no exception.You’re in charge of designing, tweaking, overhauling, or replacing water, sewer, and drainage systems, parks, and roads within a certain area when you’re a Municipal Engineer. Typically, that area is a city or county.

That means as the Municipal Engineer, you get the call every time someone wants a sidewalk built or a road resurfaced. Of course, the budget is tight (it always is) so you prioritize projects, create reports, and attend meetings on the subject. Throughout this process, you work on a team together with Administrators, other Engineers, and governmental representatives to formulate plans for road maintenance, sewer updates, and drain pipe replacements.

Your desk is full of blueprints for approved projects, such as new water treatment plants or housing developments. So you consider all aspects of each project, including usage, landscape, environmental impact, consumption, and costs. One project might have you searching for ways to use run-off water from a new housing development to create wetlands nearby. Another project might ask you to develop parking options for a county park.

It’s a good thing you’re organized, because you have a lot of irons in the fire. You work with various types of people, so your communications skills are key. In addition, you need a creative mind, a problem-solving spirit, and proficiency with computers and design software.