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Municipal Clerk

Oversee daily business of a town including swearing in elected officials.

What does a Municipal Clerk do?

It takes a village to raise a child, but only one person to raise a village. Collecting taxes, keeping documents in order, and swearing in elected officials all fall on your to-do list as a Municipal Clerk. If the town were a car, you’d be its engine.

While Mayors and public officials look at the big picture, you pore over the details as a Municipal Clerk. A town can’t function without someone keeping its daily business in order. Every day, someone needs a marriage license or wants to browse through past birth and death records, so you’re there as the Municipal Clerk to assist them.

On a typical day in the office, you update current records, help citizens fill out forms, and review the latest laws. When the school needs to apply for a grant, you have the information to make that happen. If a road has fallen into disrepair, you know exactly which form to file to get it fixed.

Underneath your thriving city lies the organized system of rules and regulations that you’ve created to keep things flowing smoothly. Without it, nothing would get done, and the money for town improvements would disappear in days. Often, the forms you file make the difference between earning a grant and losing vital city funding. Who knew paperwork could wield so much power?

Soon, you’ll see your town growing and thriving. In many ways, you’re like a Gardener. Once you tend the soil, pull out the weeds, and give it a little sunshine, your town will blossom into an enchanting flower for all to see.