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Multiple Drum Sander

Set up and operate sanding machines to smooth surfaces of flat woodstocks.

What does a Multiple Drum Sander do?

Sets up and operates sanding machine equipped with two or more sandpaper-covered drums to smooth surfaces of flat woodstock: Reads work ticket to ascertain information, such as grade, type, and quantity of woodstock to be sanded, specified thickness of finished pieces, and whether both sides of stock require sanding. Moves specified woodstock to be sanded to feed-end of machine, using handtruck. Wraps specified grades of sandpaper around individual drums, inserts ends of sandpaper in drum slot, and tightens bolts with wrench to close slot and expand drum to produce uniform sanding surface. Turns handwheels or pulls lever to raise or lower individual drums or bed of machine, according to thickness of panels and depth of cut. Presses button to start machine, and turns handwheel to control speed of conveyor, according to grade and type of woodstock to be sanded. Feeds woodstock onto endless belt or between live rolls that carry stock under rotating drums. Feels and examines sanded surfaces and measures thickness of sanded stock with gauge to ensure specified finish and depth of cut. Observes ampere meters and turns handwheels to adjust tension and relieve pressure of individual drums when friction between drums and sanded stock causes excessive heat to drum motors. Replaces sandpaper on drums when dark, wavy streaks are detected on sanded stock. May sand particleboard panels. May be designated according to type of machine operated as Endless-Bed-Drum Sander; or according to type of stock sanded as Veneer Sander.