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Multimedia Designer

Create visual effects for different media sources.

What does a Multimedia Designer do?

Multimedia Designers (or Multimedia Producers) create artwork using various forms of new media (such as audio, video, graphics, animation, and interactive media). You use these forms to help clients develop their projects, overseeing the complete process from start to finish. This makes you a new age visual creative, and your work as a Multimedia Designer is commonly used in advertising, television, and films.

When you’re a Multimedia Designer, you begin with an idea (or “vision,” depending on how artistic you are). Once you have your initial concept you begin the process of planning which media forms to use, creating and developing any necessary elements such as scripts and storyboards. You will also set a budget and any deadlines. Throughout the process, you will be expected to meet with clients to ensure that you are still on the same page.

Once production begins, you become the Director – drawing sketches, building scale models, designing sets and costumes, gathering props, recording audio, and shooting videos. Basically, putting together the various pieces that will make up your finished product.

This job involves wearing many hats and a working knowledge of a wide range of software. To get a project done you have to work well with others (including clients) and be extremely creative and organized, an excellent communicator, and an accurate multi-tasker. Also, being able to think outside of the box and envision the complete picture doesn’t hurt.

Once production is over, everything has been edited, graphics have been added, and websites have been published, it is time to give a toast to your completed work of art! Then start all over again.