Multi-Purpose Machine Operator

Set up and operate machines with multiple cutterheads.

What does a Multi-Purpose Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates machine with multiple cutterheads to simultaneously saw, bore, groove, shape, and sand woodstock to form furniture parts: Reads work ticket to determine machining operations required to form specified furniture parts. Selects, installs, and adjusts blades, bits, cutter knives, and sanding belts, according to specifications, using handtools. Attaches specified forms that hold woodstock during machining operations to automatic carriage holding device of machine, using handtools. Selects and installs punch cards into machine control panel that determine sequence and duration of machining operations. Presses buttons to start machine, positions woodstock in holding forms, and adjusts clamps to secure woodstock in form. Presses button to activate automatic machining cycle. Removes processed parts from holding form and verifies finished dimensions, using steel tape rule, gauges, and calipers. Stacks finished parts in storage area.