Multi Operation Machine Operator

Set up and operate machines that automatically perform multi-operations.

What does a Multi Operation Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates machine that automatically performs multioperations, such as roll-threading, heading, slotting, slitting, or shearing to form chain or produce fasteners, such as bolts and rivets, from hot or cold metal rod or wire: Selects, installs, and aligns dies, rolls, cutting tools, guides, and stops to set up machine, using handtools and measuring instruments. Sets controls to synchronize machine actions for various operations on workpiece in specified sequence. Positions coil of metal wire or rod on feed spindle and threads it through straightening rolls into feed mechanism; or inserts end of heated rod into feed mechanism. Starts machine to produce sample product and measures for conformance with specifications, using measuring instruments. Adjusts settings of dies on controls, as required, to obtain product meeting specifications and quality standards. Starts machine to begin production and observes machine operations for evidence of malfunction and products for defects. May be designated according to type of product produced, as Bolt-Machine Operator; Chain-Forming-Machine Operator; Rivet Maker. May be known according to whether metal is heated or cold forged, as Cold-Header Operator; Hot-Header Operator.