Multi-Operation Forming Machine Setter

Set up automatic multiple-operation machines to fabricate metal parts.

What does a Multi-Operation Forming Machine Setter do?

Sets up automatic multiple-operation machines to perform any combination of bending, punching, roll forming, beading, cutting, flanging, shearing, seaming and welding, soldering, or clinching to fabricate metal parts, such as rims, molding, cans, tubing, and housing: Sets stops and guides. Installs and aligns forming and drive rolls, roller dies, punching, notching, and cutting dies and rams, shears, or saw blades. Installs electrodes and adjusts voltage to set up welding or soldering unit. Installs coil of tinplate for presses. Adjusts speed controls to synchronize action of rolls, cutoff, welding unit, drive rolls, conveyor, or transfer machine. Greases and oils machinery, using grease gun, oilcan and brush. Operates machines for test run to verify setup. Turns machine over to MULTI-OPERATION-FORMING-MACHINE OPERATOR II. May set up mechanized line of machines which operate in tandem. May repair malfunctioning machines. May be designated by function of machines as Production Mechanic, Tin Cans; Rim-Roller Setter; Tubing-Mill Setter.