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Multi-Operation-Forming-Machine Operator II

Tend automatic multiple-operation machines to fabricate items.

What does a Multi-Operation-Forming-Machine Operator II do?

Tends automatic multiple-operation machine that performs any combination of bending, punching, roll forming, beading, cutting and welding, soldering, or clinching of metal to fabricate items, such as rims, molding, panels, cans, tubing, and housings: Places roll of metal sheet, strip, or wire onto feedrack and threads end into drive rolls or through machine. Positions metal blanks manually into feed rolls, or feeds blanks into hopper or onto feed conveyor. Starts machine, observes operation, and verifies finished product visually or by using fixed gauges. May tighten bolts or turn knobs or handwheels to specified points on scale or dial to reset and maintain original setup of machine. May tend one or more work stations of mechanized line of machines operating in tandem. May tend slitting machine to cut body blanks from sheet metal and form seam cans. May be designated by function of machine as Body Maker; Tubing-Mill Operator I.