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Multi-Operation-Forming-Machine Operator I

Set up and operate automatic multiple-operation machines.

What does a Multi-Operation-Forming-Machine Operator I do?

Sets up and operates automatic multiple-operation machine to perform any combination of bending, punching, roll forming, beading, cutting and welding, soldering, or clinching of metal to fabricate items, such as rims, molding, cams, tubing, and housings specified by blueprint or work orders: Installs and aligns roller dies, drive and forming rolls, punch, notching or forming dies, shear or saw blades, and electrodes, using rules, vernier gauges, square, shims, and handtools. Sets side guides and stops. Turns knobs to regulate voltage of resistance welding equipment and synchronize speed of feed rolls, conveyor, or transfer machine with action of roller dies, forming rolls, punch or shear rams, and welding unit. Places roll of sheet or strip metal or wire onto feedrack and threads end through machine or into drive rolls, or metal blanks or bars onto conveyor, into hopper, or against guides to feed machine. Starts machine. Verifies dimension of finished product visually or using micrometers, calipers, or gauges. May remove finished parts from machine. May operate mechanized line of machines working in tandem. May be designated by function of machine as Tubing-Mill Operator II. May set up and operate multioperation forming machine to make pipe from continuous steel coil and be designated Welder, Pipe Making.