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MRI Technologist

Use MRI to create cross-sectional scans to assist physicians in diagnosis.

What does a MRI Technologist do?

As an MRI technologist, also known as a radiologic technician, you create high-quality images of various parts of the body using MRI equipment. You prepare the patient, capture the image, and analyze the image.

The strong magnetic field in the MRI machine can affect a patient’s medical devices, such as hearing aids, pacemakers, or catheters. MRI technologists prepare the patient by removing all such devices and all jewelry. You take the patient’s medical history, describe the procedure, answer any questions, and reassure him or her. After preparing the patient, you position him or her correctly in the machine, protect the rest of the body, and take the image. MRI technologists examine the image with the physician and write a report detailing your findings.

As an MRI technologist, you’re exposed to radiation and infectious diseases, so care must be taken to protect yourself. You follow all safety guidelines and wear a badge that measures radiation levels. MRI technologists need an associate’s degree, a license, and a certification to be considered for this job. Good technical and interpersonal skills, along with physical stamina and attention to detail are also requirements.