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Move Coordinator



Act as the point-of-contact between moving companies and clients.

What does a Move Coordinator do?

As a Move Coordinator, you manage the entire relocation process for a moving company. Whether you’re in charge of a residential or commercial move, across town or across the country, you’re the point of contact for customers. You’re the one with all the answers, and as the Move Coordinator, you serve as the liaison between the customer and the moving guys.

The job of a Move Coordinator may seem daunting, especially when you’re in charge of a big move (whether that’s in terms of distance or volume) or a delicate one (think lots of boxes marked “FRAGILE” in red Sharpie). But if you love controlled chaos as well as organizing items and workers—not to mention driving, traveling, and the occasional heavy lifting—then a career as a Move Coordinator— could be right for you.

Perhaps the most essential part of the process is communication. You constantly keep communication lines open—with the workers you oversee, your supervising Manager, the dispatch warehouse, the customer, and even accounting, claims, headquarters, and the many Drivers on the job. That’s how you complete the task of coordination, but that’s not all there is to this job.

During pickup and drop-off, and out on the road, you’re in charge of quality assurance. You make sure those fragile boxes are handled with care, all time restrictions and deadlines are met, and the Moving Agents are working well with each other and doing what they’re supposed to. Because most of the work that movers do is outside of headquarters, there has to be a Manager out in the field, and that’s you. You’re the Personnel Director and Human Resources Manager too, whenever necessary.

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