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Movable Bulkhead Installer

Install movable bulkheads and bulkhead trolleys in railroad cars.

What does a Movable Bulkhead Installer do?

Installs movable bulkheads and bulkhead trolley in railroad cars, using handtools and portable power tools: Measures and marks centerline on roof and floor of car, using chalkline and gauges. Positions and secures overhead rail assembly in car according to marked centerlines, using cotter pins, wedges, and clamps. Positions and secures trolley-beam assembly to rail assembly, using wire. Guides bulkhead onto trolley, using hoist, and bolts bulkhead to trolley, using impact wrench. Pushes bulkhead along overhead trolley-and-rail assembly to end of car and depresses lever to lock bulkhead in place. Installs and bolts bottom bulkhead track to underframe of car, using power drill and impact wrench. Grinds track surfaces to remove burrs and rough edges, using portable grinder.