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Mounted Police Officer

Keep the streets safe by patrolling on horseback.

What does a Mounted Police Officer do?

A Mounted Police Officer is a member of a special “Mounted Patrol Unit” in a city’s police force. A figure straight out of the Wild West, where practically everyone — Postal Workers, Cattle Drivers, Lawyers, Merchants, Miners — rode a horse (or was pulled by one in a buggy), the Mounted Police Officer roams the streets on horseback.

When you’re a Mounted Police Officer, it’s your job to patrol the streets, enforcing laws, catching criminals, and maintaining the peace just like a normal Police Officer. Unlike traditional Police Officers, however, who do their patrols in squad cars, you do yours on the back of a specially trained police horse.

Many U.S. cities employ Mounted Police Officers and station them in crowded downtown areas, where getting around is often faster and easier on horseback than by car. If you work in one of these cities, you’re utilized on a daily basis for crime control. After all, you’re 10 feet tall on horseback, allowing you to see over great distances while acting as a visible crime deterrent. In addition, you’re called upon to assist with search-and-rescue efforts, and for crowd control during special events, concerts, parades, sporting events, and protests.

Perhaps your most important duty, however, is community building: Because they’re so beloved, horses often help dissolve social barriers and increase personal contact between Police Officers and the public, resulting in safer, happier neighborhoods — making you equal parts “Horse Whisperer,” “Crime Fighter” and “Peacemaker”!