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Mountain Resort Designer

Plan and construct mountain resorts.

What does a Mountain Resort Designer do?

Whether you’re there to ski, snowboard, shop, bike, hike, fish, or just do nothing at all, the best part of a mountain resort is always the mountain. Although that was put there by the world’s most beloved Engineer — Mother Nature — virtually everything else that’s on and around it was created by someone else: a Mountain Resort Designer.

As a Mountain Resort Designer, you plan and design mountain resorts, as well as mountain resort villages, mountain lodges, and mountain vacation retreats, be they time-share communities, campgrounds, ski resorts, or hotels.

An alpine-themed Architect who’s often known as a “Mountain Resort Architect” or “Mountain Resort Planner,” you offer services ranging from architecture, engineering, and master planning to project management, landscape architecture, and interior design. In other words: As a Mountain Resort Designer, you do it all.

When a Real Estate Developer decides to create a tourism destination in a mountain location, they hire you to envision the resort, then design and build it from scratch. From start to finish, that includes such tasks as conducting site feasibility studies, designing interior and exterior structures, choosing building materials, and managing vendors and workers. It also includes choosing the size, scale, orientation, and location of resort facilities, and — since mountain communities are all about nature — addressing issues of sustainability and environmental impact.

Put in the simplest terms possible: You decide what the resort will look like, where it will go, and how it will function. And because it’s a mountain resort, you do it with constant consideration for mountain environments, ecosystems, infrastructure, challenges, and opportunities — always remembering that you can’t move mountains, but you can certainly make them over!