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Motorcyles Final Inspector

Inspect and test new motorcycles prior to shipment.

What does a Motorcyles Final Inspector do?

Inspects and tests new motorcycles prior to shipment to ensure conformance with specified standards, using mechanic’s handtools and specification sheets: Turns screws and bolts to adjust brake, carburetor, clutch, or timing of motor to attain specified performance, using handtools. Activates motor and runs stationary motorcycle at various speeds, and records unusual sounds or vibration in motor, rear end, or transmission. Drives motorcycle over test area to detect malfunctions in engine and defects in body assembly. Observes instrument dials and gauges on dashboard and records deviations from standards, such as performance vibration, low oil pressure, discharging battery, or stiff action. Compiles written report approving unit for shipment or specifies reason for disapproval. When test riding only, may be designated Test Rider.