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Motorcycle Tester

Inspect and test motorcycles.

What does a Motorcycle Tester do?

Inspects and tests motorcycles, performing any combination of following tasks according to standard procedures, using handtools and testing instruments: Mounts motorcycle on test stand. Attaches lead wires of test panel to ignition system of motor and runs motor at various speeds to measure generator output, oil pressure, revolution per minute, and other specified operating characteristics. Compares test instrument readings with operational charts to detect malfunctions. Engages clutch and transmission of motorcycle and listens for sounds denoting malfunction. Records findings on worksheet. Turns adjustment screw on carburetor to regulate idling speed of motor, using screwdriver. Inspects frame and fenders for dents and scratches. Tightens frame nuts and bolts, using handtools. Tests operation of horn and lights. Verifies identification number and optional equipment against data on work order.