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Motorcycle Subassembler

Assemble forks, frames, transmissions, or subassemblies of motorcycles.

What does a Motorcycle Subassembler do?

Assembles forks, frames, transmissions, or other subassemblies of motorcycles, using handtools or power tools: Positions parts or components in holding fixture on bench. Drills, taps, and reams holes in parts, using handtools, power tools, or single-spindle drill press. Bolts, screws, fits, or presses parts together, using screwdriver, wrench, arbor press, or flexible power press. Aligns and adjusts movement of parts or sets clearance between parts, using dial indicators, feeler gauges, or snap gauges. Examines parts or observes their operation in subassembly to detect defective parts. Replaces defective parts, using handtools. May test assembled units, such as transmissions, under simulated operating conditions. May be designated according to component assembled as Brake Assembler; Clutch Assembler; Fork Assembler; Frame Assembler; Handle-Bar Assembler; Transmission Assembler.