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Motorcycle Repairer

Repair and overhaul motorcycles and motor scooters.

What does a Motorcycle Repairer do?

Repairs and overhauls motorcycles, motor scooters, and similar motor vehicles: Listens to engine, examines vehicle’s frame, and confers with customer to determine nature and extent of malfunction or damage. Connects test panel to engine and measures generator output, ignition timing, and other engine performance indicators. Dismantles engine and repairs or replaces defective parts, such as magneto, carburetor, and generator. Removes cylinder heads, grinds valves, and scrapes off carbon, and replaces defective valves, pistons, cylinders, and rings, using handtools and power tools. Hammers out dents and bends in frame, welds tears and breaks, and reassembles and reinstalls engine. Repairs and adjusts clutch, brakes, and drive chain. Repairs or replaces other motorcycle and motor scooter parts, such as spring fork, headlight, horn, handlebar controls, valve release, gear lever, gasoline and oil tanks, starter, brake lever, and muffler. May specialize in repair of motor scooters and be designated Motor-Scooter Repairer.