Motorcycle Racer

Push your bike to the limit as a motocross, dirt-bike or circuit racer.

What does a Motorcycle Racer do?

As a Motorcycle Racer, you speed around a course in competition with a dozen other Racers to have the first wheel across the finish line. Whether it be on a dirt track, motocross course, or speedway, you push the limits of your engine as a true speed demon.

If you’ve ever tuned in to a motorcycle race, you’ve probably felt an adrenaline rush just watching the speedsters steer through tight corners. Now, imagine being the one behind the handlebars and being the Motorcycle Racer yourself. The faster you can push your bike, the more races you can win. There’s always the danger of spin-offs or crashes, but that’s why you always wear your helmet as a Motorcycle Racer-that and to sell advertising space for sponsors.

The glory of a cheering crowd, avid fans, and cola endorsements are in your future if you make a name for yourself. But for that to happen, you must dedicate yourself to racing completely. Most of your time on and off your motorcycle is spent training and maintaining your ride. No one knows your bike better than you, and with all that constant wear and tear, someone needs to keep it polished.

Although it might seem like a fast bike is all that’s needed to clinch victory, your stamina and quick reflexes are what really win you races. You keep yourself in peak physical condition in order to have full control of your body when you’re steering along a winding roadway. Before you ever set foot on a track, you spend hours riding a similar course, constantly trying to beat your own records before smashing your competitor’s. Each race is a new opportunity for you to push yourself to new speeds.