Motorcycle Mechanic

Fix motorcycle engines with expert repair techniques.

What does a Motorcycle Mechanic do?

As a Motorcycle Mechanic, you work on bikes, but not the kind with two pedals and baskets. You inspect different motorcycles for damage, and repair and maintain them by replacing broken parts, tuning up old engines, or restoring the body.

Just like cars, motorcycles need regular tune-ups and service. Clients bring their bikes to you, the Motorcycle Mechanic, and you do things like change oil, replace brake pads or tires, run diagnostic tests, and check fluid levels. These general tasks make up the majority of your work as a Motorcycle Mechanic. And to make you job a bit easier, manufacturers have created checklists for the required basic upkeep of their motorcycle models.

Diagnostic computer programs help you check things like fluid levels or battery life, and once you’ve discovered a problem, you use basic tools to fix it. Tools like a wrench to tighten loose nuts and a hammer to ding out dents are all part of your repertoire. If a bike has a serious problem, you might need to do more, like replacing entire parts or rebuilding a transmission or engine. In short, you pretty much do anything you can to get a customer’s treasured motorcycle running and back out on the road.

Motorcycle Mechanics don’t just work on motorcycles. Other small engine machines, like ATV’s or snowmobiles, have many of the same parts and systems as a motorcycle, so you take care of those too. This means that in the winter, when fewer people are outside riding, you’ll still have work to do.