Motorboat Mechanic

Keep nautical engines puttering through the water with expert repairs.

What does a Motorboat Mechanic do?

Zipping across the water at high speeds can be exhilarating. But being stranded in the middle of the water because your boat’s motor no longer works is extremely stressful. When boat motors need repair, a Motorboat Mechanic saves the day, letting the owner glide into the sunset at high speeds once more.

As a Motorboat Mechanic, you often work in a marina where boat engines are just waiting to run into trouble. When a boat owner finds a problem with an engine, you’re called over as the Motorboat Mechanic to help. If you’re lucky, the engine detaches from the boat so you can take it back to the shop and work on it without interruption. Some motors don’t detach, however, and you’ll have to do the work with the owner standing over your shoulder.

Before the repair begins, the owner may demand a detailed estimate that outlines the work you’ll do and the cost. If the owner approves the estimate, you begin. Each motor may be put together slightly differently, so you may begin each project by reading the online manual for that motor. This helps you prepare for the work you must do.

You may take the motor apart and clean each component carefully. Sometimes, the propellers must be adjusted, or the spark plugs or pistons must be replaced.

Other times, you need to make major repairs and wait for parts to arrive. This can make the owners quite frustrated, but you bribe them into silence by talking up the speed and efficiency you’ll build into their new motors. They may walk out of your office dreaming of high-speed chases.