Motor Vehicle License Clerk

Determine who's qualified to drive a car.

What does a Motor Vehicle License Clerk do?

Holding a license to drive is every teenager’s dream, every Businessperson’s necessity, and every Bus Driver ‘s security. Not every person who wants a license can get one, however and a Motor Vehicle License Clerk understands that. Some people may have medical conditions that make it unsafe for them to drive, while others simply don’t know the laws that govern the road. As a Motor Vehicle License Clerk, you’re responsible for determining who’s qualified to drive, and dispensing licenses to those people.

During an average workday as a Motor Vehicle License Clerk, you may help hundreds of people in five- to 10-minute sessions.

The work you do often begins with papers or documents. Clients must prove that they’re residents of the state and that they’re of a certain age. If they cannot prove these facts, you must turn them away. They must also pass vision and hearing tests that you administer.

If they pass these tests and if they’ve been licensed before, you update their information as needed, take their pictures, and issue new licenses. If clients have held licenses in other states, they must also prove that they know the local driving laws. You administer tests to these people, and you grade those tests. If they pass, you take their pictures and issue their licenses.

Teens who have never been licensed before come to take the written test and a physical driving test, both of which you administer. During the driving test, you ask the students to perform basic functions, and you try not to look frightened. If the students pass, you issue licenses.