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Motion Graphic Artist



Design dynamic graphics through animation, video, and sounds.

What does a Motion Graphic Artist do?

Motion Graphic Artists take graphic design to a whole new level. You bring still graphics to life with visual effects, animation, and cinematic techniques to make your products interesting and engaging. Your goal? Communicating a message or evoking an emotional response from your audience.

Your duties as a Motion Graphics Artist include creating new ideas for moving graphics, and executing those ideas in innovative ways by combining different audio, video, photography, animation, and illustration components. This might mean finding a cool way to present the credits at the end of a show or creating a physics presentation that deals with bouncing balls.

In this job, you interact with clients, other Artists and Designers, along with computers, so chances are also good that you will encounter the occasional technical (or behavioral) difficulty. Luckily, your sound fundamental knowledge of graphic design basics, your deep understanding of the latest design software, and your exceptional creative problem-solving skills can sort it all out.

Your creations may appear in music videos, film titles, television graphics, DVD menus, commercials, video games, rotating website logos, and interactive web pages. This is a fast-changing field, and Motion Graphic Artists are always learning about new technology and new media and should strive to keep up with the latest trends in graphic, video editing, animation, and sound recording software.

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