Mortician Investigator

Inspect mortuaries to see if they're being run lawfully.

What does a Mortician Investigator do?

Mortuaries may not be the cheeriest places, but they allow Morticians to perform the important task of housing bodies and preparing them for their final farewell. While most people prefer to avoid the silver-slab tables and chilled vault drawers, a day at a mortuary is literally just another day at the office for you if you’re a Mortician Investigator. There, you’re front and center, making sure the staff and the facility adhere to laws and policies.

When you’re a Mortician Investigator, you’ll most likely be employed by the state or federal government, to make sure mortuaries work in an ethical and sanitary fashion. Sometimes, that means you’re in the room while a Mortician is working with a dead body, so it’s definitely not a job for the squeamish.

If you can get past the cadaver on the table, the job has many perks. You travel frequently, both within your hometown and across the nation. Depending on the size of your territory, you may be on the road most weeks or be gone only a couple of nights per month. You also get to work with a variety of people, and each day offers something different.

While in a mortuary, you interview employees about their education, licensing, and certification credentials to ensure that they have the right skills for the job. You also inquire about sanitation procedures, and may take samples and have them examined at a lab. As a bonus, your name is first on the speed dial list when anyone issues a complaint against a facility in your territory. There’s never a boring day as a Mortician Investigator!