Mortgage Loan Processor

Assist would-be home buyers by processing mortgage applications.

What does a Mortgage Loan Processor do?

A Mortgage Loan Processor works directly below the Mortgage Underwriter. You process applications, which involves gathering all the necessary materials and verifying all the information in order to create a package for review. The Mortgage Underwriter then determines if the applicant is a good candidate for a mortgage. It’s up to you, the Mortgage Loan Processor, to do a lot of their legwork and make their evaluation process easier.

On a regular basis as a Mortgage Loan Processor, you go through all the procedures involved in getting a mortgage. You deal with clients directly, handling their financial information while maintaining client confidentiality. You work on applications as soon as they’re opened, starting with a credit check on the applicants. Then as the Mortgage Loan Processor, you create a list of all of the documents needed, like those pertaining to income and major expenses.

Your work can be difficult. It is often dependent on many other people responding to you with the appropriate documents. The process can also take a long time-weeks, even months. But you’re the first person an applicant turns to when they want to buy a home, so you get to make a lot of dreams come true.