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Mortgage Loan Closer

Schedule loan closings and compile and type closing documents.

What does a Mortgage Loan Closer do?

Schedules loan closing and compiles and types closing documents: Reviews approved mortgage loan to determine conditions that must be met prior to closing, such as purchase of private mortgage insurance. Calls borrower, real estate broker, and title company to request specified documents, such as receipt for payment of outstanding tax bill. Verifies accuracy and consistency of specifications on documents, such as title abstract and insurance forms. Calls borrower, broker, and other specified individuals to arrange time and date for closing. Answers questions regarding closing requirements. Enters numbers and calculates loan interest and principal payment, and closing costs, using computer or factor table and calculator. Types closing documents. Assembles documents for delivery to title company, real estate broker, or lending officer for closing. Records loan information in log and on government reporting forms, using computer. May compile closed loan forms for delivery to marketing department for sale to investors.