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Mortgage Closer

Make sure home buyers have their paperwork ready to go.

What does a Mortgage Closer do?

A Mortgage Closer interviews home buyers and prepares all of the documents needed to close a mortgage deal. You have to take state law into consideration when preparing the documents, and you must make sure everything is in compliance with all codes.

You check that all pertinent information is included in the final documents when you’re a Mortgage Closer, and that they’re signed where needed. You also verify all information, like the price, the terms, and all insurance details. You also do the scheduling for both the closing department and the Attorneys, as well as any other departments that are working on the deal. Then as the Mortgage Closer, you review the papers for any last minute changes and exceptions, and you calculate the costs of closing.

There’s a bit of office work as well. You file of all of these papers, and fax documents to the borrower and anyone else involved in the deal. Once the deal has closed, you follow up to make sure that there are no issues. For example, you collect missing documents and correct any errors. You may also be in charge of wiring funds.