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Morning Show Host



Cover news and other engaging topics for early morning TV.

What does a Morning Show Host do?

Morning Show Hosts are a special breed of TV Hosts. You come across as perpetually happy and smiling, jacked up on coffee, and ready to do anything the show’s Producers throw at you. But you’re serious about your fun. Morning shows usually cover a wide variety of topics so you’re day-to-day life as a Morning Show Host will never be a bore. One day you may be involved in a cooking segment, the next you may be televising your ride on the newest addition to Six Flags. Whatever your assignment, you take special care to research the topic so you know what you’re talking about, and then you have fun delivering that information to your viewers.

You should have a pretty likable personality to be a successful Morning Show Host with a lot of viewers. Your personality needs to be able to translate to all sorts of people, and you should be up for anything. A lot of morning shows also cover daily news and hot topics around the world, so you should also have the ability to transition to serious news coverage if need be.

The schedule for a Morning Show Host is demanding. If you’re running a live broadcast, as many do, then your days will start very early. Once you are at work, you will go through hair and makeup, perhaps wardrobe if the operation is big enough, and then you review that day’s segments and prepare any questions you may have. Once the broadcast begins, you turn on the smile and deliver your news. After the show you will go over the following day’s segments, and prepare for future topics and segments.

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