Monument Setter

Set stones at cemetery gravesites to erect monuments.

What does a Monument Setter do?

Sets stone at cemetery gravesites to erect monuments, following diagrams and written specifications: Lays out foundation for monument, using rule and staked lines. Digs trench for foundation, using pick and shovel. Mixes mortar [MORTAR MIXER] and pours mortar into trench to prepare foundation for setting base stone. Removes sections of monument from truck bed and guides stone onto foundation, using skids, hoist, or truck crane. Aligns and levels stone, using rule, square, plumbline, wedges, and crowbar. Spreads mortar on stone with trowel and sets subsequent sections of stone in position according to numbers or letters marked on stone. Fills joints between stone with mortar and finishes joints, using trowel. Removes excess mortar from monument, using water and brush. Works as member of team to erect monuments.