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Monorail Crane Operator

Operate electrically powered monorail cranes.

What does a Monorail Crane Operator do?

Operates electrically powered monorail crane to lift, move, and load machinery, equipment, and materials: Moves foot and hand controls to guide crane along overhead rail and to raise and lower load cable. Raises, moves, and lowers load following signals of worker on floor. May switch crane between rails by signaling other workers to throw switches. May operate crane from hand held control box. May inspect, clean, and lubricate crane. May be designated by material moved as Acid-Crane Operator; Cinder-Crane Operator II; Scrap-Crane Operator II; Stock-Crane Operator; or operation performed as Charging-Crane Operator II; Cold-Roll Packer, Sheet Iron; Hot-Metal-Crane Operator II; Ingot Stripper II.