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Molecular Technologist

Perform tests on biological samples.

What does a Molecular Technologist do?

A Molecular Technologist’s job is pretty big for how small the things they deal with are. It’s your responsibility to collect, analyze, and diagnose all manner of human biological material in all sorts of ways. Here is a brief list of giant words describing what you do: histocompatibility, molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics, image cytometry, immunopathology, flow cytometry, and electron microscopy. Most of those are either lab techniques or areas of study you’ll be engaged in within the lab. The point is that the career of the Molecular Technologist can be complex.

Many Technologists have a specific concentration; “Molecular” only describes the size and general field of what you do, not the specific area. Some Molecular Technologists, for example, might be Molecular Genetic Technologists and look at human genes. Others, by contrast, might study AIDS.

Regardless of what you focus on as an area of work or study, you’ll need to have excellent laboratory skills and a sharp, scientific, analytical mind. In addition, you need to be extremely detail oriented, of course, and able to keep track of a large amount of data for a large number of protocols.

There are also non-research paths available to a Molecular Technologist. You can work not only in the lab, but in administrative, instructive, or quality control environments as well. In fact, your skill set is so broad, that it offers you a great deal of diversity in your potential responsibilities.