Molding Utility Worker

Perform tasks in molding department of plastics fabricating establishments.

What does a Molding Utility Worker do?

Performs any combination of following and related tasks in molding department of plastics fabricating establishment: Examines plastic products for defects, such as scratches, flash, and discoloration, and discards defective items into reject box. Packs finished products into cartons and affixes content labels. Conveys supplies from storage to work stations, using handtruck. Opens collapsed cartons, folds and seals carton bottoms, using moistened gummed tape, and inserts nesting into cartons. Unloads plastic mixture from machine hoppers into barrels upon completion of job order, affixes identification labels on barrels, and conveys barrels to mixing department. Dumps cleaning solution into hopper and actuates molding machine to purge internal sections of unused plastic mixture. Dismantles hopper and drying unit of machine, using handtools, and cleans internal sections, using rags, cleaning solution, and airhose. Sweeps and mops production floor.