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Molding Sander

Set up and operate belt-sanding machines to smooth moldings of woodstocks.

What does a Molding Sander do?

Sets up and operates belt-sanding machine to smooth moldings or contoured surfaces of woodstock: Selects sanding form from stock or builds form, according to pattern, using chisels, mallet, rasps, hammer and nails, and fabric tape. Clamps sanding form to pressure bar above sanding belt, positions specified sanding belt over belt pulleys, and turns handwheels to regulate speed and tension of sanding and feed belts. Starts machine and depresses lever to regulate pressure of sanding form on belt as stock is conveyed beneath belt, or places stock against stops on table and depresses belt against stock with hand held sanding form. Inspects and feels stock to ascertain smoothness. May sand flat surfaces with hand held flat form and be designated according to technique as Float Sander.