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Molding Machine Tender

Tend molding machines that cast articles from pulp slurries.

What does a Molding Machine Tender do?

Tends molding machine that casts articles, such as pots, cups, trays, and synthetic soil blocks from pulp slurry: Opens valve to admit water into pulp-mixing vat. Weighs and dumps specified amounts of scrap paper, rosin, wax, and other binders into vat. Transfers mixed slurry to storage tank or slurry tank. Activates forming heads to dip molds into slurry tank. Monitors operation of vacuum suction that fills forms or molds. Weighs amount of slurry gathered in random molds to ensure quality control. Adjusts timers to control curing and drying cycles. Observes pickup die which removes cured articles from forming heads or molds. Cleans residue from molds, using water hose. May tend machine that forms fiber pipe or conduit around mandrels of specified sizes and be designated Forming-Machine Operator.