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Fill manufacturing molds with the appropriate levels of resin or plastic.

What does a Molder do?

As a Molder, you work in a factory or industrial setting, creating parts or components from a mold. The mold may be for a small part of a large item (such as a rearview mirror for a car or truck), or a large object to contain a smaller part (like the outside of a vacuum cleaner).

Working with materials such as plastic or resin, you fill molds to a specified thickness when you’re a Molder. Attention to detail and accuracy are essential qualities you will need as a Molder because you need to ensure that all the pieces fit together to complete the final product. For example, when molding the plastic casing of a rearview mirror, if the measurements are not precise, the mirror will not fit, rendering it useless.

Monitoring the machinery is also a big responsibility of this position, as you need to recognize when adjustments must be made. If you use the exact amount of material you did to make the (useless) rearview mirror casing, and it still does not work, you must recognize this as a sign of machine failure. Pinpointing the problem with the molding machine and making repairs or adjustments are part of the position.

Finishing the job often requires you to transfer the product to storage or to the next portion of assembly. This requires physical strength-as you will lift up to 50 pounds repeatedly-and stamina to repeat this process throughout your workday.