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Molder Operator

Set up and operate molders to plane, shape, and groove woodstocks.

What does a Molder Operator do?

Sets up and operates molder to plane, shape, and groove woodstock: Reads work ticket and examines pattern shape to determine molder setup procedures and type woodstock to be cut. Selects and installs cutting heads on machine according to pattern to be cut, and inserts and bolts specified knives in slots of cutterheads already in machine, using wrenches and gauges. Positions pattern on molder and turns handwheel to adjust cutting knives flush with pattern. Removes pattern and turns handwheel to adjust guides, pressure bars, and table levels according to depth, position of cuts, and stock dimensions. Starts machine, places stock on feed table, and turns handwheels to press feed rollers against stock for feeding stock through machine; or inserts stock into hopper of automatic feed mechanism that carries stock through machine. Inspects stock being cut to determine defects. Verifies dimensions of cut material, using gauges, rule, or caliper.