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Mold Stamper and Repairer

Repair and refinish tire molds and change lettering plates and bead rings.

What does a Mold Stamper and Repairer do?

Repairs and refinishes tire molds and changes lettering plates and bead rings: Repairs nicks, dents, and holes in molds, using ball peen hammer, hand drill, chisels, metal plugs, and acetylene torch. Refinishes repaired area or complete mold with hand-buffing machine and steel wool. Changes bead rings and nameplates showing size and ply to correspond with tires scheduled to be cured, using wrenches. Cleans and maintains inventory of plates, bead rings, and molds. Positions molds in area, using hoist. May add metal to, or remove metal from, plates, rings, and molds, using welding equipment and files. May fill in mold lettering with liquid metal or plugs, buff to smooth finish, and restamp [MOLD STAMPER].