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Mold Maker

Make a physical mold used for mass-production from plaster and wax.

What does a Mold Maker do?

Molds are used in a variety of industries, from cake making to toy manufacturing. Each of those molds is produced according to specifications that make it look exactly like the others. Take, for example, a candle mold-the kind you buy at the craft store to pour your melted wax into when making candles at home. That mold, and every other one on the shelf, was originally created on a production line.

But before it hit the production line, it passed through the hands of a Mold Maker first. As a Mold Maker, you make molds for items that require uniform production or unique precision. Armed with a blueprint of the design, and some basic supplies and tools, as the Mold Maker, you transform an idea into a functioning component, bound for the manufacturing plant.

Whether you create molds for candle wax, melted metal, plaster, or clay, the process starts literally from scratch. You take a Designer ‘s model or create one yourself, frame it into a wood box, and pour plaster, wax, or rubber over half of the model. Once the material sets, you repeat the task on the other half. And when it’s dry, you remove it from the model, repair cracks, fill gaps, examine for inconsistencies, and send it off to the production plant.

This job requires both skill and a creative flair. You must be meticulous so you can identify the slightest imperfections. Business know-how is also important as it allows you to suggest better materials, keep an eye on costs, monitor quality, and maximize revenues.