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Mold Laminator

Build up layers of fiberglass and resin over plugs to form molds.

What does a Mold Laminator do?

Builds up layers of fiberglass and resin over plug to form molds for plastic product sections or to be used in casting concrete products, using handtools and portable power tools: Fills cracks, depressions, and holes on plug surface with plastic filler material and sandpapers plug to smooth surface. Applies and buffs wax on plug to obtain glossy surface. Brushes surface of plug with water-soluble parting agent to facilitate removal of mold. Covers plug with fiberglass cloth and trims off excess cloth with shears. Mixes specified proportions of resin and catalyst and brushes mixture on cloth. Works mixture into cloth with hands and squeegee to remove air bubbles and to smooth surface. Examines layer of fiberglass and resin after hardening for rough spots and air bubbles and sandpapers defective areas. Laminates additional layers of fiberglass to initial layer to obtain mold of specified thickness. Removes plug from mold, using wooden tool and airhose. Trims excess fiberglass from edge of mold with knife. Inspects completed mold for surface defects. May bond mold to tubular holding device with resin-saturated fiberglass strips. May repair and modify fiberglass molds, using handtools.